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    Determine Your Patch Size

    It's easy to determine the size of your personalized embroidered patch. Enter your size below, and we'll compute it for you immediately, rounding to the nearest half inch!


    Your patch size is determined by taking the height and width,
    adding them together, and dividing by 2.
    Example: 3W + 2H / 2 = 2.5" Patch
    This is for pricing purposes only.

    Choose Your Embroidery

    The embroidery percentage of your patch is determined by its size and design. At least half of the patch's twill background is visible on a 50% embroidered patch. This is ideal for simple, text-only designs, as the big quantity of clear space allows you to highlight your content. A 75% embroidered patch allows for larger, more complex artwork while also covering more fabric. The 100% embroidered patch fills the entire backing with embroidery, leaving no twill visible for very elaborate designs and logos. This style provides the most detail on a patch.

    Text only (50% Embroidery)

    Text only (75% Embroidery)

    Full Embroidery (100% Embroidery)

    Choose Your Backing

    Standard (Sew-On)

    Iron On



    Adhesive (Tape)

    Choose Your Border

    We provide a variety of border styles. The Merrow® border is the traditional, round, raised edge that wraps all the way around your patch. Hot Cut borders provide sharp, precise edges ideal for complicated designs.

    Want To Add Button Loops?

    Button loops are ideal for patches that are meant to be hung on a button or lapel pin. They do not require any glueing or stitching. The only requirement is a place to hang the patches.

    Merrow© Border

    Hot-Cut Border


    Button Loop

    Want Metallic Thread?

    Metallic threads significantly improve the visibility of your patches. Because of their dazzling, brilliant character, these should be used sparingly. Metallic threads are available in a variety of colours.

    Do You Need More Than 7 Thread Colors?

    All orders include up to seven free thread colours. Do you want to use more than seven colours? Not a problem! We have hundreds of thread colours to pick from, so your patches will appear precisely like you imagined. Please check the box and select how many more threads you require.

    Additional Thread Colors:

    Metallic Gold

    Metallic Silver

    Upload An Image

    Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference