Patches n Badges


Refund Policy

We provide consumers with a comprehensive refund policy in order to ensure fair transactions and customer happiness. However, in order to be eligible for a refund, a few of the following conditions must be met:


  • Refunds will be only applicable, if:

    • The order was canceled within the suggested time frame. Only a certain % of the refund shall be made as discussed in the order cancellation policy
    • The payment was deducted twice, by mistake
    • The wrong product was sent to you. However, in such situations, a return and exchange policy might also be applicable
    • The size, color, or any of the brief was missed by us, and the customization was not done accordingly.


    • Refund will not be applicable, if:

      • The buyer changes their mind and no genuine reason is given to claim a refund
      • The buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the end product
      • The buyer is not satisfied with the design, because before forwarding it to the production team, design approval is taken from the buyer
      • The buyer is not active during the process of refund
      • The buyer involves a third party like a friend, family, or lawyer, instead of making a claim itself.

      Patches N Badges holds the right to refuse the refund claim from the client’s end.